Privacy Policy

Protecting your information is of the utmost importance to us, and we are therefore committed to ensuring that you feel safe entrusting us with your personal information. This privacy policy explains the principles and scope of the processing of your personal data, the cultivation to which you are entitled and our obligations as data controller.

Acting on the basis of Article 13.1 RODO, in view of the acquisition of personal data, for the purpose of processing, we inform you that: The data controller is: Vanilla Home Nieruchomości, based in Warsaw, ul. Głębocka 54e/39

Purpose and duration of processing: We process personal data in order to properly perform the agreements you conclude with us, i.e. in order to. present real estate sales offers, handle complaints and ensure the performance of real estate agency agreements on the basis of Article 6(1)(b) RODO (data are stored for a period equal to the period of performance of the agency agreement and the period of limitation of claims arising from the agency agreement or equal to the period of storage of documentation related to the performance of the agency agreement required by generally applicable laws – whichever of these periods is longer).

Type of data: We have at our disposal address, identification, contact data that we have received from individuals with whom we have entered into a cooperation agreement.

Legal basis for processing

Your personal data is processed in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016.

We process your personal data with your consent, given at the time of signing the contract.

Your consent to the processing of your personal data is completely voluntary.

In connection with our processing of your personal data, you have the following rights:

You may withdraw your consent at any time-without stating a reason. The request may relate to the purpose of processing you have indicated.

At any time you can request that we delete your data-without giving a reason. A request for deletion of your data will not affect the activities performed so far.

At any time you can object to the processing of your data both in its entirety and for the purpose you indicated. The objection will not affect the activities already performed.

You can request that we restrict the processing of your personal data, either for a certain period of time or in a certain scope – we will act according to your decision.

You can at any time request that we correct or rectify your personal data.

You may request that we transfer your data in our possession to another entity. To do so, contact us with the name and address of the entity to which we are to transfer your data and the scope of the transfer, i.e. which of your data we are to transfer.

You can request information from us at any time about the scope of our processing of your personal data.

We are obliged to inform you from the receipt of each request about the actions we have taken.


Contact about personal data. You can report any requests or requests regarding your personal data to us in the manner of your choice:

By email to:

By phone: +48 792 233 000

By letter to the address: Vanilla Home Nieruchomości, ul. Głębocka 54e/39, 03-287 Warsaw

Entrustment of data processing: Personal data of individuals, except for the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy, will not be shared with third parties in any way, including, in particular, will not be transferred to other entities for the purpose of sending third-party marketing materials.We do not make any automated decisions based on the data provided, nor do we use it for profiling purposes.

Provision of data is voluntary, but it is necessary to respond to your inquiry.